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Community Sites

Community sites are about the great things that can happen when people with similar passions and interests get together.  Leadership boards can share documents.  Planning discussions are captured in forums where newcomers can easily catch up rather than e-mail thread that get lost and forgotten.  Everyone knows where to go to check the calendar for the next small group meeting.  Check out the demo to see for yourself.

  • Assessment
  • Announcement
  • Blogs
  • Bookmark sharing
  • Calendar
  • Chat
  • Discussion forums
  • Document sharing
  • Image slide show
  • Login / Registration
  • Polls
  • Recent / featured content
  • Rotating, clickable banner
  • Search
  • Site map
  • Social features (friend request,
    wall posts, user activities log)
  • Twitter feed
  • Video player (embedded or
    pop-up styles)
  • Web content management
  • Web forms
  • Wiki

  • User-created accounts, central account management, or a mix
  • Custom member profile data
  • Optional authentication via Facebook or OpenID
  • Categorization and tagging of documents and web content
  • Built-in staging and approval process
  • User communities within the overall organization
    • Open communities available to all
    • Closed communities (hidden or visible to join by request / approval process)
  • Community feedback on resources - comments and rating system
  • Member profile pages
  • Multi-language support
  • Separation of public / private content (per user community)
  • Roles and permission system
  • RSS