Life Mark Journey Highlights

  • The entire Life Marks Journey™ is built around your church's unique position within the Kingdom of God.  Every bit of content shown to participants is under your control and can be fully customized.
  • Optional custom theme to use colors, backgrounds, and logos consistent with your "brand".
  • Participants are led to personalized resource recommendations based on their responses to the assessment questions.
  • Everyone can take the assessment at their own pace.  Recommendations begin to appear as soon as a single response is entered.
  • Users create and manage their own to-do list and are encouraged to identify personal goals.
  • User privacy is respected.  Leadership dashboards do not show personally identifiable data.
  • You can provide introductory and summary content, videos, etc.
  • Includes built-in registration and user management.
  • Customizable registration fields.
  • Works with any modern browser.
  • Cloud-based solution.  No software to install or maintain.

Custom Assessment

  • Participants develop a spiritual growth plan based on your church's unique strategy.
  • Custom multiple choice questions lead users in personal reflection.
  • Supporting scripture verses that are shown in context.
  • Users can select their preferred scripture version.
  • Your own detailed and meaningful response continuum is more effective in assisting self-evaluation than a typical numeric scale.
  • Flexible configuration adapts to the number of Life Marks that you have defined and the number of representative attibute goals you identify for each Mark.
  • Administrative tools provided.

Personalized Resources

  • The resources recommended for each Life Mark are fully customized for your ministry focus.
  • Participants can add resources to and remove resources from their "to do" lists with one click.
  • Link to existing online resources.
  • Upload new resources.
  • Users can filter their recommendations based on personal resource type preferences or discover the resources related to a selected Life Mark.
  • Many predefined resource types from which to choose, such as:
Activity Book DVD Music
Reflection Video Web Document
pdf Sermon Tool Study
Podcast Blog Assignment Step
Scripture Audio Devotion Strategy


Coaching Tools

  • Create or join peer-to-peer or mentor-apprentice circles to share assessment results and recommendations.
  • Any participant can create or join any number of Circles.
  • Circle owners approve all circle membership requests.
  • Mentors can assign and monitor tasks for circle members.
  • Circle members can view summaries for individual participants or assessment averages for all members of a Circle.

Secure Dashboard

  • A dashboard viewable only by authorized leadership accounts offers valuable insight into past and current levels of spiritual development as revealed by the assessment.
  • Detailed, anonymous analysis of responses.
  • Trends can be charted as data accumulates over time.
  • Administrative interface to manage which users are granted access to view the dashboard.
  • Filterable by date and by any demographic data collected during registraion.