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A Life Marks Journey™ custom web site for your church provides an assessment to encourage participants to recognize and pursue desired life marks, aids for discipleship and coaching, plus a dashboard to reveal the results.  View the complete Feature List...

Pastors: leverage the Life Marks Journey to encourage and measure spiritual growth in your congregation based on marks that reflect your church's unique mission.

Participants: develop and execute a personalized plan for spiritual growth based on the current self-assessed level of attainment for each Life Mark.

Church Leaders: obtain insight into member strengths, needs, and weaknesses. Promote and measure the marks that you truly value.

Research conducted by Barna Group validates the need for new approaches for encouraging spiritual growth and measuring success.

"Common success measures such as church attendance and program completion showed little correlation with transformational progress. The new metrics being tested relate primarily to spiritual fruit evidenced through character change, lifestyle shifts, attitudinal transitions, and spiritual process and commitments." -

Church Leaders

"Your scorecard for your congregation or ministry should reflect your own vision and values. It needs to support what you are trying to accomplish and how you are going about getting it done. Developing the right scorecard will help establish the accountability that will turn your dreams into reality. It will also give you opportunities to celebrate progress made on your journey into the missional renaissance. A better world will be the ultimate result of your efforts."

     — Reggie McNeal. Missional Renaissance: Changing the Scorecard for the Church (Jossey-Bass Leadership Network Series) (p. 88). Jossey-Bass. Kindle Edition.

A New Scorecard

The Life Marks Journey dashboard provides a new scorecard for measuring outcomes. Anonymous aggregate metrics for each Life Mark and its associated goal attributes provide the leadership team with valuable insight into current levels of alignment as well as trends over time.