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A Life Marks Journey™ custom web site for your church provides an assessment to encourage participants to recognize and pursue desired life marks, aids for discipleship and coaching, plus a dashboard to reveal the results.  View the complete Feature List...

Pastors: leverage the Life Marks Journey to encourage and measure spiritual growth in your congregation based on marks that reflect your church's unique mission.

Participants: develop and execute a personalized plan for spiritual growth based on the current self-assessed level of attainment for each Life Mark.

Church Leaders: obtain insight into member strengths, needs, and weaknesses. Promote and measure the marks that you truly value.


Have you articulated the attributes you want to encourage in your members?  Are you communicating them clearly?

The Life Marks Journey ensures that the Life Marks that you value are clearly articulated to the members of your congregation. The marks to be assessed are personalized for your congregation and the spiritual growth plan is customized for each individual member who undertakes the journey.

"We define Missional Life Marks as a set of attributes in an individual's life that define or reflect the accomplishment of the church's mission. The Missional Life Marks are the church's portrait of a disciple and definition of spiritual maturity. Missional Life Marks supply the standard by which the mission can be measured with respect to an individual's development through the ministry of the church."

— Will Mancini. Church Unique: How Missional Leaders Cast Vision, Capture Culture, and Create Movement (Jossey-Bass Leadership Network Series)