Sample Assessment

This site represents one possible implementation of the Life Marks Journey Assessment.  You can fully customize your own site, including your own introductory content, assessment questions, continuum of possible responses, and resource recommendations.
What is a lifeMark?

When we say we want to connect people to life in Jesus, it is important that we discern from the Scriptures what that actually looks like. What are the practices and attitudes I need to have in play in my life to actually be making progress toward connecting people to life in Jesus whether that's my own family or anyone else God has put into my life?

That scriptural list of practices and attitudes would be substantial. So how can we sum up that substantial scriptural list into something clear, concise and accessible to everyday folks like us?

Those are what we call our lifeMarks. They are kind of like gauges on a dashboard that we can monitor as we make progress toward connecting people to life in Jesus!

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